Grandaddy of Expanding Slat Tables

Stephen Coles

From Simplymod, a Brown Saltman table so solid “you can seat your entire family on this baby or put your giant plasma TV on it and have no fear”. Expands from 55½ to 97 inches.

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  1. 11.16.08 — swedish fish

    wow! i have one of these from 1960 and i never knew much else about it. so great to see this here! anyone have any further info on this table? it is an original or a reproduction?

  2. 11.19.08 — Patrick

    The ebay sale is missleading. This is not a Brown-Saltman. These slat tables were made in Europe during the 1950-60’s. Most likely Chekoslovakia or Hungrary.

  3. 11.19.08 janne

    Oh my goodness! You post the BEST pieces…

  4. 12.08.08 — Michael

    For Patrick:
    Here is a scan from a 1950s article showing the Brown Saltman expandable Bench designed by John Keal.

  5. 03.31.09 — Jules

    I’m totally excited, just purchased this table and its coming soon!

  6. 09.27.09 — Lori

    just saw one of these at a junk shop in IL for 65 bucks

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