A Trip to Europe, 1963

Stephen Coles

European Travel Posters of the ’60s

Discovered last weekend during a family move, an unopened gift from my late father to my brother and me: eight travel posters he and my mother collected during their travels to Switzerland, France, Italy, and Austria in the ’60s.

Bob and Solveig in the Alps

Mom and Dad in the Swiss Alps, Fall 1963

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  1. 03.02.09 Carla

    That’s awesome. My parents when on their honeymoon around Europe in 1970 before moving to Canada; I don’t actually know what if anything my Mum still has from that trip. She’s from Switzerland, and as I commented on the Flickr pic looked an awful lot like your Mom in that time. Very neat gift.

  2. 03.03.09 amy

    oh my – the poster of Italy is of Piazza Erbe in Verona. It’s where i grew up – my father owned a shop there and my best friend’s dad ran a restaurant across the square!

  3. 03.05.09 HarryMcK

    These are amazing and that photo of your parents is great, neither posters nor photo look over 40 years old!

  4. 03.05.09 Stephen Coles

    Thanks, Harry. My Dad was an excellent photographer, and shot all his life, mostly landscapes. Doesn’t hurt that this was taken with a Hasselblad.

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