Mid-Century Modern Art


Norman Cherner Illustration

“ Norman Cherner Illustration ”, recently submitted to our photo group by Scott Lindberg

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Kitchen Illustrations from the '50s

This stuff comes from the period before modernism matured, but these illustrations from magazines like Better Homes & Gardens and Good Housekeeping at See Saw are too charming to ignore.

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Erik Nitsche, Graphic Designer

“ Fortune, February 1954 ”, recently submitted to our photo group by the Erik Nitsche Design Archive ...See also: “The Reluctant Modernist” by Steven Heller.

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Mid-Century Modern Motif: Leaves

Norwegian collector and crafter Janne Bråthen beautifully compiled nine leaf patterns typical of mid-century modern design. See also her fantastic christmas cards .

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Spiekermann House Numbers on Sale at DWR

Here’s a piece of news that intersects my two obsessions: home design and typography. Design Within Reach is offering a rare substantial discount on Erik Spiekermann’s House Numbers. What were...

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American Advertising Art – Station Wagons

David Hall’s Plan59 hosts some very nicely preserved imagery from American ads of the ’50s and ’60s. The automobiles, heavy and gaudy, aren’t really the sort of design we champion...

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Illustrator: Gaku Nakagawa

The July issue of Monocle features two articles illustrated by Gaku Nakagawa. No bio available yet, and his own site is in Japanese which I am regretfully unable to translate,...

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