Heifetz Rotaflex Pendant Lamp

Stephen Coles

Heifetz Rotaflex Lamp

Simplymod continues to roll out beautiful and unique goodies on Ebay, and they are always immaculately photographed. Of the bunch of stuff posted week and still up for auction, this Rotaflex pendant lamp is my favorite. From the description:

Fantastic modern hanging lamp, produced by Rotaflex / Heifetz, c. 1950s. Rotaflex produced some wonderful stuff in the 1950s. Heifetz Lamp Mfg. in the US imported several and from what we understand the initial development was designed by ARP (collaboration between Pierre Guariche, Michel Mortier and Joseph-André Motte named Atelier de Recherches Plastiques) in Europe.

Often mistaken for glass until touched. They were actually made of a cellulose acetate material. The fine ribbed design is elegant and when illuminated gives off a warm inviting glow. If you would like a true vintage piece, but not the same old George Nelson bubble type lamp you see everywhere…this is a fantastic alternative.

Heifetz Rotaflex Lamp

Heifetz Rotaflex Lamp

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