Flickr Pick of the Week: Vintage Bavarian Sign

Stephen Coles

Prof. Michael Stoll writes:

This signage from the ’60s I got from eBay a few years ago. It’s 2.60m wide and 0.5m tall. “Medicus” is the name of an orthopedic shoemaker. The signage had been on a building in Nürnberg/Bavaria.

Like so much of mid-century modernism, this upright roman/script style of lettering has become quite en vogue these days. It’s lettering, of course, designed specifically for the the logo/sign, not from a typeface, but there are a few fonts which have a similar flavor. I made some lists at FontShop recently to lasso this and related genres: upright script fonts. See also monolinear scripts.
via Laureola

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  1. 06.25.10 natalie.

    gorgeous! what a serious find – love it.

  2. 11.03.10 JESSICA DEFINE

    Dang, that thing is awesome.

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