Room 606 at Jacobsen’s Royal Hotel

Stephen Coles

teal blue & wood”, recently submitted to our photo group by ooh_food

Arne Jacobsen designed the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen and all of the furniture (including the silverware!). The hotel has preserved only one room in the hotel to be completely original: Room 606. The hotel is mentioned in this Euromaxx doc.

The chairs pictured here are “Drop” chairs (or Dråben, as Jacobsen would have said in Danish). They were manufactured by Fritz Hansen exclusively for the hotel in 1958.

Thanks to ChimayBleue for the info and Maggi for the photo (via Desire to Inspire). See more at

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  1. 03.30.09 Jem N' Tonic

    It’s nice that they preserved this one room. However, I would rather stay in this room then the “normal” hotel room. Maybe they should have perserved all but one room.

  2. 03.30.09 Bombay Beauty

    The other rooms are, alas, no longer preserved in the original design… They are more prosaic, as you can see here:
    Other pictures of my Jacobsen/ Copenhagen trip here:
    including the wonderful Texaco Station…

  3. 03.31.09 Lena

    It’s lovely. I have friends who spent their wedding night there… And I just love the Texaco station as well. I love Arne! :)

  4. 03.31.09 melody

    Simply beautiful.
    I agree, they should have preserved the entire hotel.
    Those chairs seem to have personality.

  5. 04.04.09 Annette

    Lovely to see Danish design on your blog, being Danish myself. I actually stayed at that hotel once, when I was a child.

  6. 04.06.09 — TylerBrule

    Wallpaper Magazine did an article on this like 12 years ago. Before blogs.

  7. 05.28.09 — Caitlin

    I love this modern look! These unique chair would look great with subtle modern accents, check these out:

  8. 06.23.09 Keith

    I would love to stay in this room. It’s so cool and beautiful.

  9. 08.11.09 Raquel Raney

    those are so adorable. i cant handle it.

  10. 01.09.12 Elodie

    I was very lucky to stay there for a few days last year… And the Concierge is really great ! After a little speak with him, he proposed me to be upgrade in THE 606 Room for one night!! Just an incredible night ! Thanks to Stephen to remind me this precious experience :-)

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