Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster by J Provost

Stephen Coles

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster

Technical illustrator James Provost is offering his lovely poster of mid-century classics as a print at Imagekind. The first commenter to list the names and designers of all the pieces in the poster will win a 16″×24″ print, courtesy of the Mid-Century Modernist. (I won’t publish submitted lists until we have a winner, so answers won’t be given away.)

Illustration detail (and a few hints) below.

Update 6/12/09 — No further entries, please. We have a winner! An announcement will be made this week.

Eames lounge

Update 6/12/09 — No further entries, please. We have a winner! An announcement will be made this week.

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  1. 04.02.09 Micah

    Nice! I’m not going to attempt to name the pieces and their designers (yet) but I do love this print.

  2. 04.02.09 Janne

    If I wasn’t busy at work today, I would actually make an attempt… guess I’ll just have to fork out instead :-)

  3. 04.03.09 — Tyler

    Terrific. It looks to be a screen on watercolor paper. Can anyone confirm? It appears as though ImageKind is selling lithos on a light weight coated sheet.

  4. 04.03.09 — Tyler

    I have found the answer regarding the paper. It is Enhanced Matte paper produced by Epson. http://www.imagekind.com/shop/landing/prints/default.aspx

  5. 04.03.09 MakiB

    Not so easy. There are 8 I just can’t get.

  6. 04.03.09 — Mike B

    How about a hint on row 3, column 1. It’s neither the De La Warr pavilion chair nor the Omkstak chair, nor the Landi chair. WTF! The ones you enlarged are the easy ones – only a few left to go :)

  7. 04.03.09 James Provost

    ImageKind does 8-colour giclée prints on a choice of 8 papers. From the sample kit they sent, I’d recommend the Epson Enhanced Matte or the Hahnemühle Torchon.
    Hints are up to Stephen ;)

  8. 04.04.09 Stephen Coles

    A few impressive entries so far (one entrant has come within three), but no winner. It could be you!

  9. 04.05.09 modernemama

    At first glance I thought this would be a lock but three days and many, many hours of research I’m still missing a few…. Great poster though

  10. 04.05.09 gina

    Do you have a winner yet? I am anxious to see the answers. I have all but 13 done AND I had to look up most of what I do have.

  11. 04.05.09 Matt Arnold

    You’ve defeated me with the little three-legged table, but I also just realised I totally overlooked Corbusier’s LC2 in my entry. Oops. Great site and I look forward to the answers.

  12. 04.06.09 modernemama

    Is there a winner yet? I’m still short so I’ve blogged it, here’s the link

  13. 04.12.09 — Brett

    Well I think I’ve got all but 3 at this point. Will send in my entry tomorrow if I can work out what the missing 3 are. Torture!

  14. 04.13.09 James Saturnio

    Did anyone win yet? I have one left, and its driving me crazy.

  15. 04.18.09 — Suzanne Esme

    I found that chair with the holes no one seems to know. Its on page 83 of Andrew Weaver’s “The Renovated Home” only there is no source. It’s killing me.

  16. 04.19.09 — Jason

    i have got the chair with the holes – but 2 others have me beat….
    2nd row, 2nd chair and 5th row 4th chair. They look so familiar but I just can’t place them!

  17. 08.11.11 — Dana

    Where are the results? I’m dying to know about the red chair, 5th row down, middle.

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