Service à Orangeade by Jean-Pierre Vitrac

Stephen Coles

Maxime Clair, whose impeccable home I featured a few weeks ago, has two of these fantastic Service à Orangeade for sale. Jean-Pierre’s Vitrac’s design, a melamine pitcher with stacking mugs that fit neatly in its handle, foreshadows Massimo Vignelli’s popular Heller dinnerware by two years.

Maxime also selling a Boby cart in brown, a color not being manufactured today.

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  1. 05.05.09 Craig

    What year were these produced? It is interesting that Ingrid of Chicago also had the pitcher design with the cups attached the same way. Copied?

  2. 05.16.09 — Maxime C

    This Vitrac pitcher was auto-produced in 1970 in France. You can read under the pitcher th “stamp” made in France.
    Best, Maxime C.

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