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Stephen Coles

Design Addict, one of the premier eBay sellers, has just posted for auction a pristine example of Finn Juhl’s Chieftain chair. Auction ended without a sale. I’ll alert you if it’s reposted.

From Design Addict’s description:

Few would argue that it is [Juhl’s] crowning achievement and it’s easy to see why. The expressive composition has a marvelous sculptural aesthetic, which was a hallmark throughout much of Juhl’s work. The bold articulated teak frame appears to support the leather components, emphasizing the relationship between the bearing and the borne. The result is a subtractive composition that is extremely comfortable.

This chair was originally put into production in 1949 at Niels Vodder’s workshop where it was made in the cabinetmaker’s tradition. When the license was given to Søren Horn’s workshop, the traditional construction method’s continued, and it was methodically handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail.

We acquired this piece directly from the cabinetmaker Niels Roth Andersen at Søren Horn’s workshop several years ago. To say that it is a very special offering is an understatement. The teak frame is in perfect condition and has an incredible grain pattern and patina. The original leather is also in pristine condition. If you are looking for a very special piece for your collection this is it. It is not only a very sound investment acquisition, but it is sure to impress the most discerning audience.

Chieftain chair

Description of the Chieftain at Architonic:

This model was named the “Chieftain” chair after King Frederik IX who sat in the display model at the 1949 Cabinetmaker’s Guild in Copenhagen. The rosewood versions of the chair were produced in a limited series of seventy eight and commissioned for the Danish consulates. The exposed structure of the chair accentuates both the aesthetic and functional values of the construction. Tribal objects were the inspiration for the forms of the armrests, backrest, and seat. This relationship is apparent in the 1949 guild display the chair sits against a backdrop of anthropological images of weapons, pottery, and daily life.

More examples of the Chieftain at Architonic: one, two, three, four.

Chieftain chair from

Chieftain chair in Finn Juhl’s home

Photographs of the Chieftain from the beautiful The image directly above was shot in Juhl’s home.

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  1. 04.25.08 — Jamie Malerman

    I have a Chieftan chair in need of repair. Anyone know a restoraton house who can handle this type of job?

  2. 07.16.09 — Jamie Malerman

    I Also have a Cheiftan is rough shape. The Oxhide back is cracked right thru, exposing newspaper in a scandinavian language. My parents bought this chair in the early ’60’s. The left side support for the seat has cracked at the dowels. This needs the hand of an excellent restorer, and I haven’t found one willing to try this repair.

  3. 04.07.14 niels roth

    Mr. Jamie Malerman. judt send the chair to my place, we are able to restore you chair.

    Niels roth.

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