Seth Thomas Flip Clock

Stephen Coles

Update: Speaking of timepieces, BoomerangThang submitted this fine Seth Thomas (“America’s oldest clockmaker”) specimen to our photo group today.


Another one, whose owner says he noticed the clock in Wes Anderson’s “The Live Aquatic”.

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  1. 01.14.09 Elliott Banfield

    This clock is very badly designed, and it should be trashed. For one thing (just one) the kerning of the numbers is totally wrong. This is a defect that (unaccountably) has yet to be corrected with today’s electronic digital display clocks.

  2. 01.14.09 — Lauren Ray Wagner

    I’m afraid I have to disagree with Mr. Banfield’s comment. As an owner of this very same clock, as well as being a designer, I find that it is perfect in its imperfections. True, the kerning of the numbers is visibly off, which for me only adds to the lovely charm of this analog beauty. I was thrilled to discover my Seth Thomas clock at a local thrift store a couple of years back, and I am pleased to say that it hasn’t stopped spinning along and keeping perfect time since the moment we plugged it in. A wonderful find!

  3. 01.14.09 — Ms. McBride

    I do believe Mr. Banfield was being sarcastic.

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