Plycraft Eames-style Recliner with Built-in Footrest

Stephen Coles

Speaking of Plycraft’s take on the Eames lounge, here’s one I’ve never seen before: a recliner with a built-in footrest. Many Plycraft lounges have the ability to do something an Eames 670/671 can’t do: tilt back. But this one extends a footrest as it reclines, doing the job of an ottoman in a fraction of the space. That’s right, a la Barcalounger. This is as close as you can get to a La-Z-Boy and still stay somewhat true to mid-century modernism. This naugahyde and walnut Plycraft was built in the ’60s. The seller makes the point that while you can still buy a new Eames lounge, the Plycraft knockoffs are no longer produced and this model is especially rare.

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  1. 12.28.09 Hipster

    I have an original Herman Miller/Eames Lounge chair and this is a beautiful chair also. The footrest is a great addition to this masterpiece. It’d be great to have them side by side.

  2. 07.02.10 — mogwai

    Is Plycraft a brand, a material, a process or style?

  3. 07.02.10 Stephen Coles

    A brand.

  4. 12.31.10 — Brandon Pearson

    Plycraft Eames-style Recliner with Built-in Footrest

    Anyone have any suggestions on where I can find one of these. My dad had one when I was growing up and I really want to find this exact chair with the built in footrest.

  5. 02.02.11 furnishmevintage

    Hey Brandon,

    I just picked up (2) of these. Both are upholstered in gray vinyl.

    I haven’t taken any photos yet, but I can send you some soon if you’re still interested in one or both of these.

    We ship to anywhere in the US.


  6. 02.20.11 — Brandon Pearson

    I would love to see what you have Todd. I look forward to seeing pictures of these two chairs.


    Brandon Pearson

  7. 02.13.12 — Carol

    I have a plycraft eames sytle recliner with a built in foot rest purchased in the 1960s. It needs a repair to the footrest mechanism. Any suggestions on where to go?

  8. 10.06.12 — oldschool

    I have 2 of these chairs for sale ! 563 723 1153 ask for josh

  9. 02.08.13 — Greg

    From what I understand, it is a common misconception that Plycraft made these.You can see the lounge chair Plycraft actually did make by searching for George Mulhauser lounge chair. It was released *before* the Eames Lounge Chair by 1 year and would be impossible to mistake for an Eames Lounge.

    This looks like the Selig knock-off of Herman Miller’s Eames Lounge Chair. You can always spot the Selig because it is a true “knock-off” of the Eames Lounge but the hardware is on the outside of the plywood shell, something the Eames went to great lengths to avoid on the real one.

  10. 10.28.13 — James

    These are definitely Plycraft. I own one that has a Plycraft tag on it.

  11. 03.16.14 — vanesa

    Where can I buy one of these Plycraft/Eames style chairs with the built-in foot rest?

  12. 03.17.14 EMFurn

    Think we should be able to get those. Shoot us a quick message if you’re interested in getting one.

  13. 03.25.14 — vanesa

    How can I get one of these???? Anybody?

  14. 07.31.14 MØBLER | Home Décor

    These are indeed rare. I have seen only one in the last year, and it’s in my store at this very moment. I like to sit in it and read when things are slow — which is hardly ever.

    You can see it at


  15. 09.02.14 — MC

    I have one of these on eBay right now:

    Plycraft lounge with builtin footrest

  16. 09.10.14 — Deidra MacDonald

    I have one that I am wanting to sell. It was purchased by my parents in the late ’60s, and is a beautiful chair. please contact me if you would like more information.

  17. 03.23.15 — Joni

    I have a Plycraft with walnut and brown leather that belonged to my parents I would like to sell. I’m in Virginia, but would arrange to ship if someone is interested. Pictures available.

  18. 05.22.15 — toby

    hey guys, i have one of the above george mulhouser recliner for sale. here´s a videolink to my chair:

    i am located in germany. if you are interessted/need info´s on the chair you can contact me at:


  19. 06.07.15 — Matt

    Joni, if you’re still monitoring, I have an interest. I would need it shipped. Please email me at mrothschild [dot] ab [at] gmail

  20. 01.08.16 — Nicole

    I have one like this with the attached footrest, but it has many more buttons in the leather, the armrests are wood (not covered in fabric). Also, there are 5 legs. :)

    The fabric on the entire chair/footrest is in perfect condition… the wood needs a bit of tung oil and I need to replace a few parts (bottom of legs, etc).

    I don’t know who the maker is, but I wonder if it is a knockoff, even though it was made in the 50s/60s. I’ll try to figure out how to post a photo of it.

  21. 01.08.16 — Nicole

    Ahh never mind – this one has 4 legs. Not 5 :)

  22. 03.21.16 — Oly

    I would like to find one of these. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know.

  23. 02.01.17 Ian Magrisso

    Hi I have two of these for sale. Anyone know what the price range is for these vs the version with the ottoman.

  24. 09.19.19 holden


    How much do you think the Plycraft lounge with the built-in footrest is worth? Mine is similar to yours, but has factory wood legs/feet and no buttons on the chair, and is in excellent condition.

    I have a warehouse of rare midcentury pieces and appliances I am trying to sell this year online or to a dealer on west coast-ideally PNW as I am in Portland, all stored for decades. This is one of ten pieces of midcentury pieces for which I have no idea on value.

    Thanks in advance,


  25. 11.17.19 — Nina

    Does anyone still have one for sale?????

  26. 11.21.19 — joe

    I am looking to buy this chair, can pay for shipping, if anyone has one for sale please contact me at

  27. 11.25.19 — Mike


    I have one I would sell.

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