Jordan at Hackesche Hoefe, Berlin

Stephen Coles

When I was in Berlin this May I stumbled upon a very pleasant cluster of courtyards called Hackesche Höfe. The neighborhood of cafés, boutique shops, and ivy-wrapped garden apartments is now one of my favorite places in Berlin.

Hackesche Höfe

There is a women’s clothing shop there with an exquisite interior. Above is the front desk with espresso service for customers (would you ever see this in the States?). The place is so slick, so clean, this photo almost looks like CGI, but the space actually felt quite human and inviting. Warm, high-contrast wood balances the crisp aluminum walls which, in turn, hide a discreet sliding door that leads to the stock room and office.


Hackesche Höfe Shop

Yes, the tabletop is lit from within.

In the other corner sit two Eames plastic armchairs with wood dowel bases (DAW) and an Eileen Gray table.

I shamefully neglected to note the name of this beautiful shop. Berliners, help me out!

Update: Buried in my desk piles I found a business card … the store is Jordan. More nice photos of the interior at their website.

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  1. 08.21.07 emil

    Knowing nothing about Berlin, might the neighborhood be listed at superfuture?

  2. 08.22.07 franki durbin

    loving your ‘panoramic’ shot of the streetscape! love the sleekness of the furnishings and the ridiculously minimalist front desk. chic.

  3. 09.11.08 — Sarah

    Hi Stephen, these pictures are just wonderful.
    I am writing to you on behalf of Karin Jordan, the designer and owner of this shop. She just found your site yesterday and wonders if there is any chance to get a copy of the pictures you’ve made of her shop.
    Greetings from Berlin,

  4. Totally agree. This is my fave area of Berlin too. That and Scroeders Rum bar which is so small but so perfect.

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