Wall Chair by Henrybuilt

Stephen Coles

The Wall Chair. An elegant, space-saving solution for the waiting room, bathroom, or out-of-doors. While you’re there, gawk at Henrybuilt’s glorious kitchen and bathroom systems. If you are planning on updating your bathroom then consider checking out products from www.uniquevanities.com for some great options.

Combining furniture level craft with functionality and flexibility, the Opencase wall system has been developed with manufacturing sophistication.

The rod and panel design of the Opencase System allows for more seamless aesthetic integration into a space, while enabling great adaptability in terms of functionality.

Designed according to evolving needs of the user, the Opencase System works in a wide range of applications. Starting point configurations have been developed for entryways, libraries, offices, wine storage, pantries, wardrobes, utility closets, laundry, and children’s rooms.

A single Opencase panel can easily be adapted to a wide range of uses. Featuring an interchangeable set machined steel rod supports, it allows for a variety of elegant functional pieces to be attached to the wall, which can also be changed with no time.

Featuring a full suite of specialised components, the wall system can fulfill varieties of purposes. The palette is broad, and includes steel, solid wood and leather fittings, as well as pieces sculpted from solid composite panels. Adding warmth and texture, a collection of proprietary softgoods addresses the storage needs such as laundry, recycling, and even includes small durable bags for storing tools.

Pricing for the system starts at $2500 per full-size panel for basic configurations. The panels are available in any size from 21-48″ wide and 18-96″ tall. Available panel materials include a wide range of FSC-certified woods, high pressure laminate, and aluminum.

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  1. 08.22.07 franki durbin

    oh I adore the simplicity! Just enough curve to invite one to use the seat…

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