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Stephen Coles

sunketch is one of the eBay sellers who inspired me to create this site. Her goods are often stunning, but much of the credit goes to her photographs. Nothing makes you want to buy like a well-lit room, thoughtfully filled with clean, matching furniture. Take this shot, for instance, demonstrating a credenza’s pullout shelf:

Ok, so no one would use their laptop that low, but a sexy Vaio with an image of the credenza itself on the display? Nice touch, ketcher.

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  1. 08.28.12 — Al DeVito

    Hello, Just want to give you some information on Sunketch. The Sunketch site on Ebay is owned by a beautiful young woman named Renee. Not by a man, as you may have thought. Very talented, and artistic, as you can tell by the layout of her items for sale. A very savy businesswoman, who knows what her customers want, and is as pleasureable to do business with, as it is to look at the pictures of her items , for sale on the Ebay Sunketch site. She is admired and respected by all who have come in contact with her.

    Respectfully, Al DeVito

  2. 08.28.12 Stephen Coles

    Thank you, Al! I have updated the post and I’m embarrassed I made the assumption.

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