Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chairs


Wenger Furniture and the 1960 Presidential Debate

The candidates sat in Danish modern chairs conceived by Hans Wegner, the famous designer, and spoke from behind skeletal lecterns that resembled music stands and offered no place to hide. “The whole set was extremely modern, and that gave a sense of faith in the future,” recalled Carl Magnusson , a furniture designer.

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Deupree Residence, New York

“ Deupree Residence, New York ”, recently submitted to our photo group by Superbaka

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Danish for "La-Z-Boy"

Svelte and refined with wood details where others have overstuffed upholstery, I’d like to think this is what the Danish considered (in the ’50s at least) to be their ideal reclining lounge. I’m not ecstatic about the fabric, but the multi-position recline mechanism and unique woodwork make this a very special chair.

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Eames LCW and LTR

“ LCW ”, recently submitted to our photo group by quangdiggity . Also pictured: the LTR (Low Table Rod).

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Sofa and Armchair with Unique Teak Frame

I haven’t seen anything quite like this sofa currently on eBay. ... They’d make a nice set for someone looking to create a room sans the more obvious classics.

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Eames Molded Plastic Rocker (RAR)

“ love my rocker ”, recently submitted to our photo group by Danny Brooms ...» More Eames Rocker pics from the MCM Flickr Group

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Grasshopper Chair by Saarinen

Update: This is an old entry, but I had to append it with this incredible orange Grasshopper going up for auction in LA next week. ...I would love to sit in one, but, as Scott mentioned in the comments, they just recently went into reproduction by Modernica and I haven’t seen it in person yet.

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Mid-Century Modern Classics in Miniature

True to the original pieces in structure and materials, the miniatures are precision-crafted, making them a thoughtful gift for a furniture lover or design professional. ...They not only fulfil the financial purpose of contributing to the Museum's budget, but also serve as ideal demonstration pieces within the context of academic studies or skilled trades.

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Scoop Chair by Carter Bros. Furniture

It’s a small, low chair, made of a single piece of bent plywood with dowel legs. eBay seller mix-mod sold this one for $500 in Nov. 2005 and others have seen that price in local stores. ... Woman who answered was kind enough to walk the floor with this photo and found a 48yr employee who said she remembers this design being discontinued around the time she started in 1958.

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Flickr Pick of the Week: Eames Aluminum Group Soft Pad Chair

0518r, recently submitted to our Mid-Century, Modern Group by magnus*. Not certain of the model name, but the tag reads “EA416 L217”. Made in the mid ’80s. And another colorful...

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Chieftain Chair by Finn Juhl on eBay

Design Addict, one of the premier eBay sellers, has just posted for auction a pristine example of Finn Juhl’s Chieftain chair. Auction ended without a sale. I’ll alert you if...

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Lyx WING Chair by Michael Malmborg

Joining the Eames’ 670, Jacobsen’s Egg, and Wegner’s Ox and Papa Bear in the great guild of wing chairs, Malmborg’s WING has one foot in the past and one deep...

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