Anna Weiss House, St. Louis

Stephen Coles

Fellow mid-century modernist Anna Weiss is a newcomer on the blog scene and her site promises to be a daily stop. Today she shares the brilliant remaking of the living room in her St. Louis, Missouri home.

Any house is a work in progress, but the big ticket items are complete — floors, walls, roof, electrical, and most appliances. The house has a very open floor plan, so the living room opens to the sitting room which is also the dining area.

Don’t miss her kitchen and nursery rehabs too.

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  1. 09.24.08 Anna

    Wow! Thanks for the great post! I am so happy to join the blogging world! I really appreciate your comments. I’ve been reading your site for some time. Just love it!

  2. 09.24.08 eichler

    That has got to be some of the best looking mahogany / luan paneling i’ve ever seen in a MCM home. Can you confirm if it is original? If so, are you oiling it or doing anything special to keep it looking so great.
    p.s. great potato chip chair that really compliments the decor.

  3. 07.09.09 modern-furniture-guy

    Gorgeous timeless house… You have a great eye, thanks for sharing :-)

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