Polaroid SX-70 Film by the Eames

Stephen Coles

The Polaroid SX-70 is a beautiful example of mid-century industrial design, and it had a promotional device of great artistry to match. I adore this film so much. It presents the simple joy of photography and, without hyperbolizing or talking down to its audience, gives a comprehensive explanation of how the camera works. It wasn’t until the end that I learned that it was made by Charles and Ray Eames, but I probably should have known within the first few seconds. Their style and skill is obvious.

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  1. 09.06.08 Tim

    The Eames were very accomplished and prolific filmmakers. The entire 6-volume set of DVDs is worth watching from beginning to end. Aside from being pretty and cute, the films are largely educational and a perfect example of rational design applied to movie making. They are indeed my heroes!

  2. 09.08.08 ...loveMaegan

    absolutely amazing. The music reminds me of the Twilight Zone …maybe it’s the male narrator as well. Love it.

  3. 09.09.08 cindy k

    i thoroughly enjoyed this film and picked up a camera before it’s too late! thank you.

  4. 09.09.08 Christer Ehrling

    The SX70 camera is Polaroids’s finest. Will they still make the film? They ought to.
    …and you know it’s pointless to shake it, like they do in the Outkast video.

  5. 09.24.08 antoi

    omg — this is a wonderful film/video! i could be lulled to sleep just listening to it. i love how the film covers a variety of races, photo subjects, situations… etc. it really captures the spirit of the polaroid.
    gosh, i love the eameses. they know how to connect humanity & emotion to design. it’s so different now *sigh*.

  6. 04.17.09 m.bibelot

    your blog entry came up on my google search for this particular eames film. i was looking because i just found this camera at thrift town for a mere $6 :)
    i had never seen this film before and i was really surprised with the ethnic diversity shown!

  7. 01.07.10 Kit Cowan

    Wondering how something like this movie would be used / shown pre-VHS, DVD, You-Tube.

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